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The 7 Immutable Laws of Fast Wealth Building by O Johnson EPUB
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The 7 Immutable Laws of Fast Wealth Building by O. Johnson EPUB

Many people aspire to build wealth but a great deal of them will fall short of this much desired goal. In most cases, it's not because of a lack of drive or ambition but simply because people lack the true knowledge of not only how to build wealth but how to build it fast. They are constantly bombarded by the senseless propaganda spread by the "get rich slowly gurus" who advocate that in order to build wealth you have to:

Save money from a paycheck
Pay yourself first
Clip coupons
Be frugal
Live below your means
Do what you love to do and the money will follow

The shocking reality is that you can't build wealth this way because these tenets have absolutely nothing to do with wealth building. And if you believe that they do then you have been brainwashed to believe that income from a job equals wealth. It doesn't! You also have been brainwashed to believe that saving money from your paycheck and putting it into a bank that pays less than 1% interest and living below your means will allow you to create and build wealth. It won't! However, what will allow you to build wealth and allow you to build it fast is knowing and understanding the actual laws of wealth building and its associated principles then applying them.

In his book entitled The 7 Immutable Laws of Fast Wealth Building author and serial entrepreneur Omar Johnson gives you the information that is necessary for you to put together your plan for wealth creation, wealth multiplication, and wealth preservation, the three cornerstones of fast wealth building.


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