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Microeconomics - An Intuitive Approach with Calculus (2nd Ed)
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Microeconomics: An Intuitive Approach with Calculus (2nd Ed)
By Thomas J. Nechyba
Cengage Learning | January 2017 | ISBN: 978-1-305-65046-6 | 1264 Pages | True PDF | 63.8 mb

Present microeconomic theory as a way of viewing the world with MICROECONOMICS: AN INTUITIVE APPROACH WITH CALCULUS, 2nd Edition. This product builds on the foundation of individual behavior. One section of each chapter introduces concepts in conversational writing, with a focus on mathematical counterparts. Another covers the same concepts with precise, mathematical analyses that assume one semester of single-variable calculus. Instructors benefit from flexibility with four distinct paths, including a non-game theory path through microeconomics.

About the Author
Thomas J. Nechyba is Professor of Economics at the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, US. At Duke, he has previously served as Director of Undergraduate Studies and as Department Chair and currently directs the Economics Center for Teaching (EcoTeach) as well as Duke's Social Science Research Institute. In addition to his activities in the US, he has lectured internationally in Europe, Latin America and New Zealand. ctive Video Graph Presentations and progression Graphs decompose economic concept graphs into finite steps.

Chapter 0: Foundational Preliminaries (web-based chapter)
Chapter 1: Introduction 1
PART 1: Utility-Maximizing Choice: Consumers, Workers, and Savers 21
Chapters 2-10
PART 2: Profit-Maximizing Choice: Producers (or “Firms”) 321
Chapters 11-13
PART 3: Competitive Markets and the “Invisible Hand” 463
Chapters 14-17
PART 4: Distortions of the “Invisible Hand” in Competitive Markets 629
Chapters 18-22
PART 5: Distortions of the “Invisible Hand” from Strategic Decisions 837
Chapters 23-28
PART 6: Considering How to Make the World a Better Place 1129
Chapters 29-30

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