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[RPG] [ikebukuroDPC] The War Disorder Hexa Ver 1 0
Size227 MB in 99 files
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We are currently looking for a partner that can provide us proper descriptions for music/applications/games.

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icon Audio/BGM/3zenri_gm.mid11.2 KB
icon Audio/BGM/7yu.mid10.8 KB
icon Audio/BGM/anhc_gm.mid61.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/batof_gm.mid37.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/bsj_gm.mid18.9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/c-joy_gm.mid26.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/castle_defense.ogg194 KB
icon Audio/BGM/dgkr_gm.mid23.9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/dokusai_gm.mid29.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/ec.ogg146.3 KB
icon Audio/BGM/eikyuu_kikan_ningen.ogg193.8 KB
icon Audio/BGM/h-jyokyo_gm.mid5.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/h-yami_gm.mid16.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/hakujo_rensa.ogg555.8 KB
icon Audio/BGM/higai_gm.mid14.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/hito_ge_daikansei.ogg43.2 KB
icon Audio/BGM/hitogo_gm.mid8.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/homura.ogg600.3 KB
icon Audio/BGM/horaizon.ogg835.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/hsd_gm.mid48.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/hse_gm.mid20 KB
icon Audio/BGM/i-kuuhaku_gm.mid7.6 KB
icon Audio/BGM/ida_gm.mid18.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/ikusa.mid9.8 KB
icon Audio/BGM/impulse_gm.mid16.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/jaki_gm.mid10.6 KB
icon Audio/BGM/jingle004_gm.mid684 B
icon Audio/BGM/jingle005_gm.mid409 B
icon Audio/BGM/kesiki.mid30.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/kessen_no_asa.ogg606.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/ku-tei_gm.mid19.1 KB
icon Audio/BGM/kubim_gm.mid12.9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/kuninakusi.ogg131.6 KB
icon Audio/BGM/loop009_gm.mid3.3 KB
icon Audio/BGM/meisou_gm.mid9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/mnoy_gm.mid35.9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/motome_gm.mid43.9 KB
icon Audio/BGM/muci_fan_08.ogg15.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/noir_m.ogg1 MB
icon Audio/BGM/oms_gm.mid49.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/owari_ni_nokorumono.ogg1.2 MB
icon Audio/BGM/pink65.ogg130.6 KB
icon Audio/BGM/rbutai.mid27.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/riseupbeni.ogg927.4 KB
icon Audio/BGM/sakenai.ogg956.1 KB
icon Audio/BGM/samayoi.ogg650.3 KB
icon Audio/BGM/senkou.ogg798.2 KB
icon Audio/BGM/siro.mid2.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/soseion_gm.mid5.3 KB
icon Audio/BGM/tekiti_gm.mid28.1 KB
icon Audio/BGM/the_escapers_fly_into_the_sky.ogg1 MB
icon Audio/BGM/the_reaper_named_phoenix.ogg818.6 KB
icon Audio/BGM/wagahai_gm.mid15.5 KB
icon Audio/BGM/y-maf_gm.mid21.1 KB
icon Audio/BGM/yayk_gm.mid36.7 KB
icon Audio/BGM/yomei18_gm.mid8.2 KB
icon Audio/BGM/yuh_gm.mid1.8 KB
icon Audio/BGM/zanki.mid43.5 KB
icon Audio/BGS/ぬっきさっしぬっきさっし1.wav1.7 MB
icon Audio/BGS/ぬっきさっしぬっきさっし2h.wav1.8 MB
icon Audio/BGS/ぬっきさっしぬっきさっし3n.wav2 MB
icon Audio/BGS/ぬっきさっしぬっきさっし4.wav688.6 KB
icon Audio/BGS/ぬっきさっしぬっきさっし5n.wav670.6 KB
icon Audio/BGS/入れる.wav321.1 KB
icon Audio/BGS/指くちょ1.wav1.1 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指くちょ2.wav1.5 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指くちょ3.wav1.6 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指くちょ4(インサート).wav2.1 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指ぐちょ2.wav1.1 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指ぐちょ3h.wav1.1 MB
icon Audio/BGS/指ぐちょ4h.wav928.6 KB
icon Audio/BGS/指抜き.wav1.3 MB
icon Audio/ME/jingle002_gm.mid2 KB
icon Audio/ME/jingle004_gm.mid684 B
icon Audio/ME/jingle005_gm.mid409 B
icon Audio/SE/ぽん1.wav82.6 KB
icon Audio/SE/ぽん2.wav115.6 KB
icon Audio/SE/入れる.wav321.1 KB
icon Audio/SE/指抜き.wav1.3 MB
icon Data/Actors.rvdata194.6 KB
icon Data/Animations.rvdata127.8 KB
icon Data/Areas.rvdata4 B
icon Data/Armors.rvdata14 KB
icon Data/Classes.rvdata15.5 KB
icon Data/CommonEvents.rvdata4.1 MB
icon Data/Enemies.rvdata73.1 KB
icon Data/Items.rvdata16.4 KB
icon Data/Map001.rvdata371.4 KB
icon Data/Map002.rvdata122.5 KB
icon Data/Map003.rvdata2.1 KB
icon Data/Map004.rvdata15.1 KB
icon Data/Map005.rvdata63.8 KB
icon Data/Map006.rvdata16.1 KB
icon Data/Map007.rvdata10.9 KB
icon Data/Map008.rvdata40.2 KB
icon Data/Map009.rvdata117 KB
icon Data/Map010.rvdata101.2 KB
icon Data/Map011.rvdata1.7 KB
icon Data/Map012.rvdata2.1 KB